Back to Reality…

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Aloha dear blog readers!  Did you miss me?  I realize my last post was right before we left for Hawaii and I had promised to post and tweet about our adventures.  Well, sorry about that.  With the time change, the many friends and families to visit, my trip to the Philippines and just general Hawaii hanging out—the blog fell to the wayside.  I still took tons of photos and tried out some new places and attractions that I plan to share with you….but, instead of real-time reporting–it will have to be after the fact.

Bear with me one more day as I sort through the thousands of photographs I took, draft a plan for posting and actually write something about our 3 week adventures.

Oh, and since I haven’t cooked in three weeks–I seem to have lost my drive for it.  Today, I plan to come up with a short list of things to cook this weekend and hopefully be inspired to get back in the kitchen.

It is summer and fun things are happening–stay tuned and I will fill you in later.


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