Crazy Sexy Cleanse

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Hello?  Is anyone there?

I have been a little bit busy the last few days.  Not quite sure with what exactly.

I know we had Easter in there, a big deadline at work, and some home improvement projects but that is not really a good excuse.

I have some stuff to share.  Probably the biggest news is that………

I started a cleanse.

The Crazy Sexy Cleanse—and have been experimenting in the kitchen.  But, for some reason or another I just don’t manage to get my camera in there with me.  Not to worry, I do have lots of good cleanse worthy (and some not so cleanse worthy) recipes to post later.   But first for a little introduction:

What is the Crazy Sexy Cleanse?

Kris Carr, an advocate for healthy eating has a website and book where you can find out more but….

Basically, you eat a plant based diet (vegan-no meat or meat products), no gluten, no sugar, no alcohol and no caffeine for 21 days.  Fruits and veggies are fine.  Whole grains like quinoa, brown rice, millet are fine.  But, no processed products.  No SUGAR.   The book emphasizes juicing, meditation, dry brushing and moving your body for at least 35  minutes per day.  I’ve been pretty good about all except for the meditation.  I just don’t really know how to do it–and usually would rather just get something else done.

On juicing:  The book recommends only juicing, drinking water or tea before noon.   That has been hard for me.  I have always been a breakfast eater and juice just doesn’t cut it for me.  A smoothie has a bit more substance and I can drink one and feel OK until noon. – although I am still getting pretty hungry.  I usually get up around 5 am–so by noon, that is 7 hours of no food.

On vegan diet:  I was vegan for four years in college and before.  I was a bad vegan and subsisted on a steady diet of french fries, bagels, and vegan chocolate chip cookies from the Bellingham Co-op.  I gave up being vegan because I really wanted a doughnut.  (Somehow, though, I managed to weigh 117 pounds.  Hmmmm.)  Since giving up my veganism,  I have developed a huge appreciation for eggs.  I really didn’t think I could give up my boiled, scrambled and fried eggs.  But, it hasn’t been so bad.  I don’t really miss cheese (avocado suffices in most situations),  and going back to no meat has been a piece of cake.  I actually think I will continue this part of the cleanse beyond the 21 days.  Maybe not strictly–but mostly.  I may eat a bit of chicken now and then, instead of a processed fake meat, or some “real” cheese instead of the rubbery fake stuff–but we will see.

On gluten free:  In her book, she recommends trying gluten free to see if your body is allergic.  If it isn’t, after the 21 days you can go back to gluten.  For now, I am eating gluten free and don’t really know how it is affecting me.  The only thing I miss is a toasted bagel with vegan buttery sticks.  I have never felt that I had a problem with gluten so I will likely go back to it when the 21 days are up.

On eliminating  sugar:  HARD, HARD, HARD for me.  She does allow the eating of Larabars, which are made with dates, almonds and other fun stuff.  These have been a perfect sugar fix for me.  But I wonder, am I truly getting away from sugar if I am still eating these natural sugars?

On caffeine:  I thought this would be the most difficult because if I don’t have my coffee by 9:00 am, I can feel a headache coming on.  I scheduled an intense workout for 8:30 on my first day of no coffee–and the endorphins from the workout must have staved off the headache.  Later that day, I felt a little groggy but I just laid down for a quick nap and woke up feeling refreshed. Day 8 with no coffee and I am feeling just fine.  I don’t miss it one bit.

On eliminating alcohol:  Not a  problem.  The cleanse ends on my birthday (April 26th) and I am going to drink a few glasses of wine.

At the end of the 21 days, you are supposed to feel great.  A bit of weight loss, clear mind, clean skin and new outlook on life.  Today is day 8 for me.   So far, so good.

I have been eating healthy and whole foods.  Lots of fruits and lots and lots of veggies.

I have been making lots of smoothies and drinking lots of herbal tea and water.

I feel good.  Not sure if I feel great yet.  I am still having some massive sugar cravings which I usually cure with hot tea or kombucha.

I haven’t been hungry at all.  Probably due to the fact that I have been eating on average an avocado everyday.

I’ve got 14 days to go!

I have some recipes to post and I will get to those later in the week.  Delectable goodies like potato and kale enchiladas, lentil and rice stew, and fennel pistachio salad.

Hope you are having a great week!



  1. rina

    I am proud of you :) I don’t know if I could do it. The sugar part its my fault :( I crave it everyday :(
    I am glad its working for you :) I am waiting for your next posting. You always come up with amazing stuff to talk about and Its interesting:) Have cool day :)

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