Getting my Running Groove Back

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This time last year, I was deeply involved with my training for the New York City marathon.  My third and final marathon.

Since NYC, I haven’t really been running at all. I really have been doing anything and everything I can to avoid running.
I have been focusing on weights, some interval and incline work on the treadmill and some workout classes (like TRX).  The marathon training really took all joy of running out of me.  It didn’t help that I did two marathons in the same year (January–Disneyworld and Nov-NYC) so I was pretty much training year round.

But, the other day child watch was full and I had to keep Rosie with me during my workout time.  It was such a bummer because I had been looking forward to my workout all day and now I didn’t have childcare. (These pictures were taken after and during my first marathon in Olympia, Washington.  Rosie was a baby!  I look so young!  I love watermelon!)

To make the best of the situation, Rosie and I made a deal.  We would walk around the track 10 times and I would give her a piggyback ride part way around if she agreed to jog with me half way around.  So, for ten laps I walked, carried, jogged.

It was fun.  Not the greatest workout by any means, but something.  And, the next day I was a tiny bit sore.  My running muscles were sore and it felt good.

I ran for a bit the next day too.  And, I am planning to run a little bit today.

I plan to do the Blog Her 5K and  another 5K in Seattle in September.  Baby steps.

I may not be back and running marathons (or even half marathons) but I am running again and it feels good.



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