Happy Birthday Rosie!

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Nova and Chi 2

Guess What? This little girl just turned 8!

For me, that is insanely hard to believe. She is my little baby–who wants to cuddle at night and eat cupcakes and read storybooks.

But, she is also the same little girl that can do a backhandspring and almost her kip, uses big words and wants to wear high heels and lipstick. (Did our parents have these issues? I never remember wanting to wear lipstick when I was 8. I never used big words like qualifications and disabilities, and I never asked for a cell phone.)

She is the best daughter a mom could ask for–loving, smart and crazy fun girl. I wish I could get her a long haired Chihuahua like she is begging for but she is going to have to settle for this one (at a local park) and a giant mom hug.

Nova and Chi

Happy Birthday Rosie!


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