Holiday Road Trip with Kids?

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I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving yesterday.  I know we did–lots of fun with friends, lots of good food, and time to relax.

Now, the real frenzy begins with little over a month left until Christmas.  I started to write out our December calender and it is jam packed!  Not to mention , we have decided ( I think) to travel by car this year, rather than plane.

Does this sound too crazy?

We will drive from Florida to Vermont.  And back.  In the winter.  With three kids.

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1) We will have to rent a car when we get there and thought if we drive our own that saves the car rental expense. And, right now the going rates are between $600-$800 for a car rental for two weeks.

2) It gives us a chance to see another part of the country.  We have never been through South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania,Upstate New York.  I have romantic visions of it being lots of snow covered mountains but cleared highways.  Lots of cute little roadside restaurants and no chain restaurants.  Am I right?

Although, we will just be driving through–we will have a little bit of time to stop for quick sight-seeing and to sample the local foods.  I plan to do lots of research before we go–on things we must try, and places we should stop.  If you have any ideas, please let me know.

3) I don’t feel like flying and neither do the kids.  When I think about dealing with security, baggage fees,  cramped airplanes and odd schedules–I would rather just stay home.  I do understand that probably about four hours into the drive, I may be cursing the road just as much.

4) We can bring stuff with us.  We don’t have to worry about packing light or leaving stuff in Vermont because we can’t fit it in our bags.  We can be hoarders!

5) It sounds kind of nice to just sit and read and talk and listen to books on tape and look out the window.  I do realize that I will likely be breaking up fights, looking for Gameboy chargers, wishing I was in the bath.

6) I don’t know when else we could something like this.  Ideally, this would be a summer trip with camping every night BUT Aaron will be working this summer (crossing my fingers) and will likely not be able to take this much time off.  There might not be another good time for a family road trip.

I am starting to plan this whole thing out and we are going to have our van checked out on Monday to ensure that it can make the journey.  And, then we go!  With a car full of happy kids, cookies galore, and presents hidden in every nook and cranny.

Wish us luck and send along any advice you might have!





  1. Tiffany

    I think you guys will have a great time!!!!! And probably the most fun will be the unexpected-and unplanned adventures that are sure to happen along the way

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