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Hello old friends!  I have missed you–and been thinking about you–but not really making the effort to reach out.  You see, I will have a great blog writing streak-everyday for a week or two, sticking to my calender-and then something will go amiss.  I will be working on a tight deadline for something else or have a meeting out of town (and no internet in my hotel room), or we will all be sick…..or something.  You know, regular life will get in the way of this little blog.

I’m sorry for that.  I hope you understand.

I have so much going on in October and I want to keep you in the loop.  For now, here is a little teaser:

I went to DC and stayed in a beautiful hotel.  I want to tell you all about it.

I also discovered a new museum in DC.  Not a newly built museum, just one that I had never been to.  It may become my favorite one there—I’ll tell you all about it.

I have been making a lot of pizzas.  I have a theory on this obsessive pizza making.

Rosie did well in her most recent gymnastics meet.  And then we abruptly moved her to a new gym.  She is excelling and doing things I never thought she could do.  I’ll get you the full story on that soon.

The Bean and Rosie are getting excited for Halloween.  Our house is decorated yet no one can decide what they want to be.

Oh!  We ate some great food here in Sarasota.  I must tell you all about this great new find!

I also have a couple of giveaways coming up and a 2nd year celebration of this blog’s birthday!

So, I realize this is just a teaser post but I wanted to assure you that I am alive and well and thinking of the blog.  I have lots of time set aside this weekend to bake, cook, blog, clean and write.  Check back next week for a bunch of fresh new posts and giveaways!



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