Restaurant Review: Dixie Crossroads, Titusville, Florida

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I love seafood.  In Hawaii, finding fresh and local seafood wasn’t much of a problem.  Boats were coming into town every day with fresh ahi (tuna), swordfish and mahi mahi.  In Florida, it is quite a different story. Except for the few times we have gone out fishing ourselves,  we haven’t really found a source for good, fresh and local seafood.   But, on a recent work trip along the coast of Florida, my colleagues suggested stopping in at Dixie Crossroads in Titusville for some Florida rock shrimp.

There may be fun and interesting things to do in Titusville but it seems like the kind of place that you may drive through on your way to Kennedy Space Center, to Port Canaveral for a cruise  or maybe while visiting the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.  If you are driving through (or have time for a side trip)—make a quick stop at Dixie Crossroads.

A giant shrimp greeted us at the door.

There were shrimp everywhere–definitely a theme.

Dixie Crossroads is a restaurant owned and operated by people very close to the Florida fishing industry which gives them the best, freshest local sustainable seafood. They have seafood that you just can’t get everywhere and they take pride in that. They try to keep local fish on the menu and they are known for their Florida rock shrimp.

But it gets better—as you try to figure out what to order, the server brings a plate of hot little fritters covered with powdered sugar to tide you over.  They taste even better than they look.

They have rock shrimp on the menu—which is something you can’t find everywhere.  And, if you have never tried rock shrimp—-you have to!  They have very hard shells (similar to lobsters) and are so good.  Most of the people at my table ordered 3 dozen rock shrimp per person.  The orders come with two sides–things like cheese grits, shrimp soup or the regular stand-by, french fries. And, of course, a little dish of hot melted butter for dipping.  Mmmmm….

And, devoured them all. Quickly.  They were that good.

I had the golden tilefish–which is a fish that they catch off the east coast of Florida.  It was so good.  Cooked perfectly.

Others raved about the oysters from Apalachicola, Florida. Another seafood sourced locally.

There is local art hung on the walls, including one huge painting of a sea turtle going back into the ocean after nesting.  At the top, it reads, “Loralee’s Dream”.  Loralee is one of the owners—-I love it.

Dixie Crossroads is known as the place for shrimp-browns, pinks, royal reds but especially the rock shrimp.  Check out their website for more information about their shrimp selection, the history of the restaurant, directions and coupons.

If you do stop by, let me know. I’m sure you love it!


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