Should we move and to where?

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That seems to be the most pressing question on my mind right now.  As I have mentioned a couple of times, Aaron is almost done with his degree in computer animation and the next adventure is right around the corner.  But, where will that adventure lead us?  I am pretty open to anything but there are a few requirements:

1) Near an ocean.

Since I am a marine scientist and Aaron is a surfer, this is pretty important.  However, I would trade this for some cool international opportunity.

2) Near a city.

I like cities.  I like the wide variety of food options, cultural opportunities and just the general sense of excitement.  I need to be near them. The End.

3) Good schools.

For this reason, Hawaii is sitting on the bottom of the list.

4) Good opportunities for Aaron.

Let’s see, computer animation? Of course, the key cities are Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Seattle, maybe Portland, Singapore, maybe Berlin, maybe somewhere in New Zealand?

5) Any kind of opportunity for me.

I’ll be honest here, since it is my blog and my space to divulge secrets.  I am not tied to my current job.  I mean, I am totally tied to the paycheck but I am not super excited about what I have been doing at work lately.  I am ready for a change. “Hey, Universe, can you hear me?” I sort of look at Aaron’s job taking us somewhere for a bit so that I can figure out what I want to do when I grow up.

6) Near some mountains.

I want to be able to go on real hikes.  And, I want to kids to grow up skiing.  I want easy access to snow but not have piles of it in the backyard.

7) Near Family?

I say that with a question because we have lived far from family for quite awhile now.  I know that living hear family would make life easier.  But, sometimes I wonder if it would also make it harder.  Do I really want my mom popping over everyday?  Do I really want to be obligated to go to every family event?  I don’t know about this one but if I did consider it as a firm requirement that would leave the following places in the running:  Seattle, Hawaii, Vermont (the general north east), South Florida.

I plugged all of my requirements into and the program popped out with the following:

1) Portland, OR (Hmmm…maybe.  All of my college friends have transplanted to Portland but there is no ocean.)

2) Little Rock, Arkansas (Really?  I know nothing about this place.)

3)Providence, RI (The Northeast would be a new experience.)

4) New Haven, CT (I envision cute old houses with white picket fences)

5) Hartford, CT (covered in snow. With a mud room filled with boots.)

6) Baton Rouge, LA (?)

7) Boston, MA ( I do love Boston. Maybe I should explore this a bit more.)

8) Albuquerque, NM (That whole no ocean thing.)

9) Baltimore, MD (Nope.)

10) Worcester, MA (I think I have an aunt here.  Or a cousin.)

11) Honolulu, HI (Would likely be the easiest transition.  But, the schools!  Ugh.  I just don’t know.)

12) San Francisco, CA (Like this idea.  Except for cost of living.

Places that I have been seriously considering include Seattle, LA, and New York (NEW YORK!) but they didn’t even make my list on “Find Your Spot”.

Argh.  I think I need to read my horoscope.  Maybe the stars can shed a little light on this problem.

Did you ever contemplate a big move?  How did you decide where to go?


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