Ten Things about My Brother

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Writing the posts about the Philippines, makes me remember how much I like my brother and how I can’t wait for him to come back to the USA, even though he will be living on the opposite coast. I thought I would take this time to tell you,


1. His name is Forrest. He has heard lots and lots of Forrest Gump related jokes. When we were kids, we would call him, “Forrest Fire” and it infuriated him. Our parents had actually considered naming him that.

Don’t tell him to run.

2. He is a self-taught musician. He makes very good electronic music under the name Vaisnava. You can find his music on iTunes, Spotify, and on some big name video games. His dream is to make music his career of choice but doesn’t quite know how to go about it. He is also very practical so he tends to talk himself out of music as a career.

3. He loves hiking and camping in the mountains. He also loves technology. After a few weeks in civilized, fast paced, techno society–he must escape to the woods to recharge.

4. He cannot float. In water, he sinks. No matter what he does. I think it has something to do with 0% body fat.

5. He worries about everything. Seriously, I think he worries more than my mom, which is close to impossible. Before we went to the Philippines, he was worried that we would hate it. While we were there, he was worried about us having fun, being safe, not getting sick or mugged, and now that we have left, he worries that we didn’t see everything, didn’t love it, didn’t have fun.  (In the picture at the top of this post–he was worried that my mom would drown (we were on a boat), that there would be a thunderstorm, and that I would start crying when he took me into a bat infested cave. )

We had fun. We were safe. Stop worrying!

6. He went through a Hare Krishna phase awhile back (don’t all twenty year old males?) and would talk me into eating from the Hare Krishna food truck in Honolulu. Together we would line up with everyone else and get free vegetarian food on the beach —always tasty and always an experience. When he had extra money, he would treat us to a trip to the Hare Krishna temple for a full meal. Mmmm, that food was good.

7. He can build things…..computers, shelves, bathroom remodels, general home repair, car repair stuff. I kind of feel bad saying this but, when I need something handy done, I call my brother—not my husband. Even my husband will call Forrest to have him help out with stuff. (Oh, we have so many projects–come back from the Philippines quick!)

8. He is single, I think. (Unless there is something he is not telling us.) We want him to have some babies soon. We need more cousins running around at Christmas.

9. He is so  polite, considerate, and friendly to everyone–EVERYONE likes him. You can’t not like my brother. He is very low key and doesn’t ever toot his own horn. He may be the most like-able guy in the universe.

10. He would totally win Survivor. Except for the swimming thing he would be good at all the challenges and like I mentioned (see#9)-everyone likes him.  We love watching Survivor together and talking about the show (or at least we used to until he up and left for the Philippines).

Special note to the Survivor Casting Director: If you are reading this: Please consider him for the next season! He would totally win.

11.  He always laughs at my jokes.  I am not sure if he is laughing at me or with me–but it doesn’t matter–almost everything I say makes him laugh.  And, that makes me feel good.

There you have it–“Ten Eleven Things about My Brother”.  Stay tuned for the next gripping episode…”Ten Things about My Dad” (maybe that will get him to read my blog).



  1. rina

    Yes the boat ride:) I loved the mud :) It was fun the driver was cool also:) What an experience :) Yes your brother is cool :) You are amazing :)

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