Ten Things About My Sister

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This is my sister.

She lives only about 4 hours away yet I see her rarely–maybe once or twice a year.  We got to see her last weekend and it got me thinking that I should blog about her.

Here is a list of ten things about my sister.  I think you all would love her.

1) She is fun.  Fun–in a weird way.  A way that can get everyone in the room laughing and smiling. She is always up for adventures.  Last weekend, she took us all on a 6 mile hike—with the kids–and each time they complained she conjured up fairies or gnomes to keep them moving.

2) She loves Willie Nelson—and  still thinks she may have a chance to marry him. Willie, if you are reading, post a comment and I will send your her phone number.

Her past true loves have already died–Bing Crosby, John Goodman, and Johnny Cash.  She was heartbroken.

3)  She HATES eggs.  When we were kids, we could not cook eggs if she was in the house.  If we had eaten eggs, she wouldn’t talk to us for the entire day.  I think she more or less has gotten over that.

4) She lives an unconventional life and has for many, many years.  Think yoga teacher, composting toilet, no A/C or heat, travels on a whim, and doesn’t fall prey to consumerism. She does have the cutest little house with a slightly overgrown yard and a chicken.  It is perfect for her and her son.

5)  She plays ukulele and sings.  She does hula.  She has a deep love for all things Hawaii.  She is funny.  We all laugh.

6)  She cooks odd things.  Last week, she said, “I’ll thrown together some tacos.  I have sprouted corn tortillas, some homemade beans, and some grated carrots.”  Um….Yum?  When she finally served the tacos she said, ” I mixed in some quinoa, some flax seeds, some old portabella mushrooms and avocado.  Hope you like it.” And guess what?  It was great.  She has some sort of magic power in the kitchen where whatever weird concoction she cooks up actually tastes good.

7) She wants to leave Florida but can’t figure out where to go.  Washington? Too Cold;  Hawaii? To far, too expensive;  California? maybe; New York City? No trees.  I just want her to build a yurt in my backyard so that I can keep her and Marlin close.

8  ) She is the mother to my amazing nephew, Marlin. A singer, dancer actor extraordinaire.  Marlin is the kid you always want to have around–polite, funny, fun, and smart.

9) Vegetarian.  She has been a vegetarian since she was nine years old.  She dared me to be a vegetarian when I was 16–and so I did–on a dare (which more or less stuck for 20 years.)  Her son has never tasted meat and likely never will.  Her dog, however, is allowed to eat meat.

10)  She is a Gemini.  Need I say more?

Seriously, my sister has had some pretty horrible things happen to her in the last few years and she seems to just deal with them.   Through it all she has been  a  great  parent to her son and a good person in her community.

I wish she lived closer.



  1. tiff

    A few things about your post:
    -John Goodman is still alive (as far as i know )
    -i would settle for a song and a kiss from Willie
    -the fairies were already in the forest…. I just helped the kids see them.
    -I really loved your post, it made me cry. Wish we lived closer too.

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