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Last week, Aarons’ family was in town to celebrate a momentous occasion…….Aaron graduated from art school!  Computer Animation school to be exact (anyone out there hiring?) and we couldn’t have been more proud of him.  It had been a long….long….long road—but finally, he finished and was in one piece with a bit of sanity left.  The photo above is Aaron (I don’t think he is rolling his eyes intentionally….must have caught him at an inopportune photo time), his parents and his aunts–all visiting from Vermont.  He was the only one wearing leis….a Hawaiian tradition.

We did all kinds of things to celebrate (a lot of eating and drinking!) but one that particularly sticks in my mind was a night at the beach–eating, fishing, waiting for the Supermoon.  It just so happened to be Cinco De Mayo so I made beans and rice, guacamole and chips and margaritas.  Ole!



Aaron doing his best to try to catch bait for our fishing adventure.  He did catch 6 bait fish and one keeper to eat!

One of my favorite things to see is kids playing at the beach in the evening hours.  Both kids brought a friend and ran around like crazy monsters.

Not sure how we got this ghostly effect on these photos but I like it.


The beautiful sunset and Supermoon, time with family and friends, and good food and drink made me remember how special the beach is and how we really need to make use of it more.

Do you go to the beach often?






  1. Donna

    I love that they are all wearing hawaiian shirts.

    I have a need to be close to the ocean, even if I don’t make it there often. Being landlocked isn’t good for my emotional health for some reason. Love the pictures!

  2. rina

    Its my beach thank you :) Yes I am glad that he is done more help for you :) I know its been hard on everyone Its like father goes to College the whole family also goes been there done that . Its also a huge acomplisment for Aroon :)

  3. Aunties Bon & Bun

    Thanks for including us in your pictures! We both had a great time celebrating Aaron’s graduation and being with you and your family. Love to all, Aunties Bonnie and Bunny

  4. Jennie Pollard

    Yes, we are very proud of Aaron & all his family! I’m so glad we all got to celebrate together! Thank you, Karla, for your hospitality. We really had a lot of fun and adventures! Love you all, Jennie & Pecky

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